7 Common Alternative Investments That All Investors Should Know

Investors are not just supposed to invest in bonds and stocks rather there are so many other opportunities available for them that they must consider for higher returns. Other alternative investments may comprise of hedge funds, venture capital etc. Mostly the investment should make in liquid assets so that in time of need you get cash instantly. Here in this article I am going to mention some investment funds for accredited investors that they must be aware of. These are

  • Private Equity:

Private equity comprises of venture capital, start up investments and participating in throughout phases of company’s growth. As we are aware that the number of private companies is greater than the public companies and most of the private companies take on investor capital to run the operations of the business. Private companies are not just limited to one investment spectrum rather they specialize in multiple investment strategies to …


How Much Leverage You Have: Stocks Vs. Bonds

When people are considering available investment options, stocks and bonds are usually popular choices. Generally speaking, bonds are considered less risky in comparison to stocks for potential investors. In most situations, that is true. Bonds are a type of long-term debt, which has covenants or restrictions that protect both lenders and borrowers. However, stocks do not have covenants or restrictions. That being the case, they are considered to be less secured and therefore more risky than bonds.

As a matter of fact, investing in stocks and investing in bonds put a potential investor in a totally different position in regards to risk as well as potential gains. Buying stock in a company means an investor owns a part of a company. On the other hand, a bond holder is a lender of the company. Under normal circumstances, a bond holder will receive his or her interest annually or semiannually. When …


How to acquire high dividend rate in stocks

Many investors dream of making high returns in different projects of investments. One of the famous ways of making profit without having to struggle much is through the investment of stocks. This is the ability to buy a number of shares of a particular company. When the company has any available stocks, you get the chance to buy them based on the starting price. Some will choose to deal with fast investments and when the rates increase, they choose to withdraw instantly. This kind of investment is good for those looking for fast ways of raising money. However, to benefit in such areas, you need to have a huge investment. Many trading platforms, making gains is not easy unless you make the purchase when the shares are down and you reap when they get an instant price increase. This happens occasionally, or when you get the chance to purchase …


How to Develop a Business Plan that will turn Your Banker into an Investor

The business plan for your company will be one of the most important documents in your arsenal when you are doing a presentation seeking either a loan or an investment. With the challenging environment that surrounds both lending and investing in private companies, having a business plan that delivers concise and detailed information on a variety of aspects of your business will put you in the best position possible to receive funding, whether it turns out to be a loan or the sale of a percentage of your company.

These aspects include:

  • An executive summary – As its name implies, this part of the business plan provides a brief synopsis of the business, its products, market opportunity, etc. the objective here is to provide enough compelling information to entice a banker or investor to take a deeper look at the business.
  • A description of the business – This is


Why Consider Accredited Investors When Raising Start-Up Capital?

Since November 2011, angels and certified investors from around the world can find startups to invest through the Internet and we are not just talking about Bay area investment funds . Certain sites act as investment options catalog for those interested in finding a new idea – a startup – to invest and to make good money from in the future. Of course only accredited investors are eligible to do such thing. Based crowdfunding system where networks users can donate smaller amounts for a project, entrepreneurs can raise money by selling shares of their companies to investors. There are many possibilities but only for the right people.

Bay area investment funds for accredited investors is a great way to begin.

Encompassing from technology companies and mobility to projects involving education, energy and the arts, the site has raised, since March this year, more than $ 21 million between all the …

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What Should An Accredited Investor’s Portfolio Looks Like?

One of the main factors that determine the portfolio composition is the risk and even if you have the best investment funds for accredited investors you need to pay attention to the contents of the portfolio.

The concept of risk refers to the simplified form as the investor’s return may vary in a given period, and the greater the variability (or volatility) the greater the risk. The risk factor should always be treated seriously and consistently with the profile and the investor’s goals. For example, an investor who wants to save for retirement should not invest all its assets in highly volatile stocks.

The risk of an investment is composed of two factors:

Non diversifiable risk: is the risk that affects all businesses, not being a specific sector of the economy or your company alone. Factors such as economic crises, inflation and wars are the main reasons for this …


How to Become an Accredited Investor

To sell shares to the general public, a corporation must meet requirements of onerous reporting and disclosure under the law of exchange and securities of 1933 and the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. If a potential investor qualifies as an “accredited investor” under SEC rules, however, the requirements are greatly simplified and you can enjoy the Bay area investment funds for accredited investors.

Are you a qualified investor?

The underlying concern the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933 was so naive that investors could be bilked by unscrupulous companies trying to raise money from the public. Therefore, public offerings require issuing corporations to disclose detailed information about their finances, considerably complicating the part of the buying process. SEC rules allow an exception to these requirements if investors are “accredited investors” – investors that meet certain qualifications aims to establish that they are qualified to accurately assess the value …


Who qualifies as an accredited investor?

To sell shares to the general public, a corporation must qualify as a public company and that is why you might have heard of Bay area investment funds for accredited investors. This requires an initial public offering (IPO), which in turn requires compliance with burdensome regulations, to which most corporations lack resources. A private company can sell shares only to buyers who qualify as “accredited investors” under the rules established by the SEC Accredited. Investors include directors and officers of the issuing company and other investors who meet the minimum income or net worth requirements. The investment funds for accredited investors might seem very easy to get however the whole process is much more complicated than it may seem at first. Of course there are companies that can help you do it quicker; however it takes a while to happen.


A stock selling company for qualified …

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